About Us

We are the Credit & Financial Development Division (CFDD) Wichita Chapter of the National Association of Credit Management. We have been providing education and scholarships for commercial credit managers in the Wichita area since 1946.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month except November, at Scotch & Sirloin. The chapter prides itself on scheduling quality speakers with relevant topics for its credit and finance members. We welcome you to join us during one of our upcoming educational luncheons.

All educational events are eligible for continuing education units.

Should you have an interest in joining our chapter, please download and complete the application for membership by clicking on the HOW TO JOIN CFDD tab. Accounting professionals are also encouraged to join.


  1. Justice, equity and confidence constitute foundation of credit administration.
  2. Agreements and contracts reflect integrity and should never be breached by either party.
  3. The interchange of credit information must be based upon confidence, cooperation, reciprocity and confidentiality.
  4. It is deemed unethical to be a party to unwarranted assignments or transfers of an insolvent debtor’s assets nor should creditors participate in secret arrangements.
  5. Creditors should cooperate for the benefit of all in adjustment or liquidation of insolvent estates or companies.
  6. Creditors must render all possible assistance to honest debtors who become insolvent.
  7. Dishonest debtors must be exposed and referred to the authorities.
  8. Cooperation, fairness and honesty must dominate in all insolvent debtor proceedings.
  9. Costly administrative procedures in the rehabilitation or liquidation of an insolvent debtor shall be avoided at all times.

CFDD Vision Statement

To be a leading provider of professional development opportunities through learning, coaching, networking and individual enrichment.

CFDD Mission Statement

The mission of the NACM Credit and Financial Development Division is to develop tomorrow’s business leaders through core offerings.